„Inspiration by Dübendorfs spirit of innovation and pioneering“ – Worte zum Eröffnungsapéro der Modellflug Weltmeisterschaften 2015

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What is it that urges you to busy yourself with your model aircraft each and every day? To train the same thrilling movements again and again – for hours and days?

What is it that drives you to the limits?To get to the limits and beyond to finally end up here at this world championship?

Dear Competitors, dear Guests

I believe it is the same urge that has driven aviation pioneers during the past 100 years here in Dübendorf, right in this spot here, known as the cradle of Swiss aviation.

And it is this same motivation that drives the initiators of the Swiss Innovation Park to be built here to create an environment for pioneering the oncoming 100 years.

It is all about the curiosity where the limits are, it is about perseverance to challenge the limits incessantly and about the enormous flow of energy set free once you have overcome what you believed to be limits.

So let me welcome you in the name of the city of Dübendorf and drop some words about the past of this place and some about its future

My goal is to inspire you by the spirit of this place and not only make you go to your limits but take the step beyond to make most memorable this world championshp.

Let me have a look back into the past of this place.

The Dübendorf airfield has a history of more than 100 years of aviation pioneering.

It was in 1909 that Reynold Jaboulin was looking for a place to demonstrate his „flight machines“ as they were called in those days. But first the swamp here had to be drained. After a melioration by the end of October 1910 the first aviation event took place here. Soon after Dübendorf became the main airfield of Switzerland.

My grandfather was an aircraft mechanis here on this airfield from the mid 1920ies, serving his apprentiship, right through to the 70ies. He had lots of adventurous stories to tell. It was about allied bombers which performed their emergency landings here during World War II, but it was also about aviation pioneers forcing the development of the aviation industry.

From the times of slow double deckers to the first jet planes such as De Havilland Vampires followed by the Venoms, the Hawker Hunters and Mirages to the FA-18.

But all was not only about the development of military aricraft. In 1932 August Piccard started from here with his gas balloon to rise up to 16’700 meters, up to the stratosphere, a world record at that time.

These fields here have keopt their fame as pioneering grounds until this day as Jacques Piaccard’s solar impulse aircraft was constructed in the buildings overthere.

By the way, the aviation history museum just where we are standing right now gives you a marvellous glimpse into all this history. It is most impressive to see the enormous innovation from the first „hops“ to our modern aviation industry.

Don’t miss this inpiration of how far you can get and what is possible if only you engage with curiosity to pass the supposed limits.

100 years ago the aviation industry among others stood at its beginning and it ended as a major motor of globalization in our days.

100 years ago it would have taken you weeks to gather here in Dübendorf coming from all the different countries around the globe.

These days we have other fields where revolutionary developments are taking place.

Pioneering and innovation have their fastest pace in the area of digitalization or topics of engineering for sustainable energy management.

That’s the reason why the Swiss Innovation Park project was started. And this time these fields here will be the cradle for further innovation. These open fields will be used to bring universities and their scientists together with industrial partners. The mere vicinity of both in such an open space shall be the substrate to transfer abstract theory into economical practice, just as the first „flying machines“ finally ended up in an Airbus A380, able to transport you at lowest unit costs around the globe in no time.

The Swiss Innovation Park here in Dübendorf is the baseline to preserve and tranform the spirit of pioneering and innovation of the past 100 into the the oncoming 100 years.

The present moment is crucial. The persistence and tranformation of this spirit is like getting an old fire burning again from just a few enbers left. This is the moment where perseverance is needed. Without this perseverance the would be no pioneering and without perseverance there would no be participating of you in this World Championship.

Stick to pampering it to the very end as we are trying to here in Dübendorf, and you might be standing on the top of the stairs at the ranking announcement presenting the gold cup – just as we hope to have many more success stories to tell our grandchildren.

Let me close.

Dübendorf has had lots of pioneering feats to present during its last 100 years. One of them was the first World Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft held here in 1960. They were driven by curiosity and ambition.

And Dübendorf is still trying to preserve this spirit of pioneering and innovation and to light the flame for fields which have the same potential as aviation had 100 years ago. This transformation is only possibe with perserverance.

Dear Competitors, dear Guests

In the beginning I asked what urged you to busy yourself with your model aircraft each and every day and to train for hours to stretch the limits of your possibilities.

I’m sure, beside good companionship, they are the same for motivations that are the foundation for Dübendorf’s pioneering spirit.

In the name of the city of Dübendorf I warmly welcome you here. We are happy to host your event and wish you all the best for the upcoming days!

Get inspired by this place and not only go to your limits but make the step beyond and make this world championshp for everybody most memorable.

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